March 18, 2005

Gunner Palace

Ah, just got back from going to see Gunner Palace. Really good movie, and I'm glad people are getting a glimpse of what soldiers go through in Iraq—and not just what they go through, but who they are, as people, kids, or the odd guitar-playing dude who was Yossarian, period. Though about halfway through the movie I thought for a brief second, "Man, this is kind of dull... just patrols and raids, patrols and raids—whoops! mortar shell—patrols and raids. Where's the action?" Then I got disgusted with myself, since, y'know, "action" means people dying, but I couldn't help it. And I'm probably not the only one who ever feels this way—recall back when "shock and awe" was the big popcorn event—but unlike David Brooks I'm not going to go write a column about how big-budget action movies are making American Society Today callous and immature about war. Even though they probably are. Anyway, enough of that, see the movie.
-- Brad Plumer 3:06 AM || ||