August 07, 2004

Selected Mother Jones writings

Purely for housekeeping purposes.

Feature stories:

"Mortgaging the Future" -- Homebuyers are at the center of Bush's "ownership society". Is that really such a good thing? (12/15/04)
"What Kerry Can Do In Iraq" -- Cleaning up Bush's mess won't be easy. But Kerry has some good ideas for Iraq, and they just might work. (10/27/04)
"The Indefensible Electoral College" -- Why even the best-laid defenses of the system are wrong. (10/8/04)
"Subject to Debate" -- The Commission on Presidential Debates is trying to liven things up with its choice of moderators -- but the new selections hardly inspire. (8/20/04)
"Last Chance for Overtime" -- Bush's case for changing overtime rules has been discredited. So why can't the Democrats stop him? (8/12/04)

Selected "Daily Mojos":

"Arabian Rights" -- The White House is "scaling back" its Middle East democracy initiatives. Will anyone notice? (12/7/04)
"'UNScam' Revisited" -- Oil-for-Food is undoubtedly a scandal. But there may be more to the story than FOX lets on. (11/18/04)
"'Success' in Fallujah" -- Is the US winning in Iraq? How would we know?
"Going Nuclear (Again)?" -- The atomic industry is poised for a comeback. But can it solve our energy problems? And at what cost? (11/11/04)
"What Mandate?" -- Even a popular vote victory is no guarantee that President Bush has the "mandate" he thinks he has. (11/5/04)
"Can the Democrats Retake the Senate" -- Now that Kentucky's up for grabs, the minority party just might come back to power this November. (10/19/04)
"The 'Secret' Scandal" -- The Bush administration's penchant for secrecy has little to do with national security. (9/23/04)
"It's the Deficit, Stupid!" -- What Bill Clinton can tell us about Kerry's economic agenda. (9/16/04)
"Intelligent Design" -- Bush may have embraced the 9/11 Commission, but effective intelligence reform is still a long way off. (9/10/04)
"Family Income Down, Poverty Up" -- That's what the Census says. So where's this "corner" we've supposedly turned? (8/27/04)
"Health Care Under Fire" -- President Bush draws up plans to dismantle our health care system. (8/24/04)
"The Iraqi National Conference Explained" -- A look at the major groups jockeying for power at the INC. (8/20/04)
The Folly of Social Security Privatization -- What was already a bad idea in 2000 is an even worse one now. (8/12/04)
"Reconstruction in Iraq: How not to do it" -- A history of the waste, corruption, and incompetence surrounding the effort to rebuild a country. (8/10/04)
"Who Needs a Bounce?" -- He may not be 15 points up, but John Kerry should take heart at this week's post-convention polls. (8/3/04)
"Substance Over Style" -- Lost in all the convention chatter is a small -- important -- fact: Kerry has some pretty good policy ideas. (7/28/04)
"Iran Plan?" -- Iran: probably going nuclear, likely tied to al Qaeda. What to do? (7/22/04)
"Devil in the Details" -- Five questions for the Senate Intelligence Committee (7/13/04)
"Gay Gamble" -- Conservatives think gay marriage will help them in the polls. They're wrong. (7/9/04)
"Regressing to the Mean" -- On the conservative push to shift the tax burden downwards. (6/24/04)
"Busting Out" -- The Pentagon's new nukes undermine non-proliferation. Is that the point? (6/17/04)


"Neoconomy" -- Interview with Daniel Altman (12/27/04)
"The Two-Income Trap" -- Interview with Amelia Tyagi (11/8/04)
"Republican Noise Machine" -- Interview with David Brock (8/30/04)
"It Happens Here" -- Interview with Mark Dow (8/10/04)
"How Soccer Explains the World" -- Interview with Franklin Foer (8/4/04)
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