March 28, 2005

The Joys of PDF

Since Blogger doesn't really work for me here at the office, here's some good afternoon reading...

From RAND: How Goes the "War on Drugs"? (Not very well, it seems.)

From Survival: Five Bad Options for Iraq

And on a non-war note, I forget who linked to it first, but this post on depression, motherhood, and the social construction of mental illness is easily the best thing I've read all day. So, enjoy!

UPDATE: Ah yes, clearing out the DocuTicker backlogs. In honor of M.G.M. vs. Grokster today, here's a grand one: "The Political, Social and Economic Benefits of Peer-to-Peer Communications Networks" (PDF). Long study, but the 7-page issue brief in front is worth reading... Right, then. I'm going to go log on Kazaa and, um, take a peek around.
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