March 30, 2005

Kill, Kill, Kill

Since I've still got a little partisan mania left over from the post down below, I thought I'd link to an excellent New York Post piece about how Chuck Schumer is kicking ass as DSCC chair. "When Schumer speaks to Democratic senators during their regular private lunches, his enthusiasm and determination to take the fight aggressively to Republicans in the 2006 elections has gone over well." Yes, just like that.

The debate over putting up pro-life candidates (like Bob Casey, Jr., in PA) is a tricky one, though. It's easy to look at the big picture and think that electing a bunch of popular anti-choice Democrats will at the very least create a Democratic majority to keep Roe v. Wade safe from the hands of activist judges. That's important, true, but there are also a good number of smaller, under-the-radar, issues here—like the fact that there are only a handful of nonmetropolitan abortion providers around nowadays—that really do depend on not electing more pro-life candidates.
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