March 31, 2005

Wisdom of George W.

It's not enough that he's the president, no. George W. Bush can actually teach us how to make better small talk in our lives. Fascinating. Personally, I try to vary my greetings up now and again. Usually just sit down one otherwise boring night and hash out how I'm going to greet people that will add a little more pizzazz than "how are you?" So for a while now, it's been a genial "howdy." (Though the lilt's important here, it's more of a "how-dy.") Corny, yeah, but what can you do. But it's time for a change. I've always enjoyed the old days when castle guards would hail each other with a "well met!" but that seems hard to pull off 'round the office. Anyway...
-- Brad Plumer 2:21 PM || ||