November 13, 2007

The NRLB Gets Busy

A math problem: The National Labor Relations Board has a one-vote GOP majority. The terms of two (2) Republicans and one (1) Democrat are set to expire at the end of the year. So just how many anti-labor rulings can the NRLB crank out before the deadline?

Let's see... carry the one... add the two... Ah. Answer: 61 and counting. Greg Tarpinian runs down some of the biggest decisions. There's a ruling that makes card-check elections more difficult, a ruling that makes it easier for workers to get rid of their union (employers will never abuse that one, scout's honor), and two rulings making it harder for illegally fired workers to get back pay. There's also a new rule that lets employers lay off union supporters during an organizing drive and then force them to sign release forms, preventing further legal challenges.

On the sunny side, the Senate can, in theory, refuse to confirm any new Bush appointees to the NRLB, which would give the board a one-vote Democratic majority until after the next election. Unless, of course, the president decides to make recess appointments...
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