February 16, 2004

Book clubs, promises, etc.

As soon as I get a better grasp of the blogging format-- I'm still in a pretty awkward infant stage-- I'd like to pin up a few posts on books that I'm reading. I'm not sure if I mean formal reviews or informal reactions. Vague promises are all I really have. But for the moment, I may as well plug Edwidge Dandicat's upcoming book The Dew Breaker. It's a grossly difficult book-- each chapter is a new narrative thread about a nameless character whose relation to the general plot is fairly undefined-- but anything involving Haitian prison guards and Brooklyn landlords would be grossly difficult. The important thing, of course, is that it's better than The da Vinci Code (link intentionally missing), which can be found in the arms of namby-pambies all over the Boston subway system.
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