February 09, 2004

Rants and raves

If this was your older brother, fine, it would be humiliating; if this was your grandfather: tiresome, sure. But because it's just some boob the internet, this 'tirade' against Oprah gets a giggle:

‘How in the hell can I bully a billionaire who outweighs me by several 100 lbs.? How can you decry Oprah? Easy, she’s the living embodiment of the dumbing down of American discourse. Granted, I do not subscribe to terminal Golden Agism - where the past is always filled with virgins, flowers, and great Twilight Zone episodes- but I can simply argue that the pre-Oprah, talk shows were far more intelligent, and dealt with substantive issues that now are ghettoed to Sunday morning, PBS, & cable tv talk shows.
Wince at that rapier lede if you must, but be warned, the hits only get bigger and more vicious throughout. Whoosah!

This site (hackwriter.com) probably deserves a closer peek at some point, as does screedmaster Dan Schneider's personal website. To wit, his yen: "I want to be the first great cosmic poet." More to the point, his evidence: "I'm more consistently surprising than Whitman or Rilke; you know how they're going to approach a poem, but you never know how I'll approach a subject or how it's going to look on the page." Well, yeah, I mean, I totally thought that the anti-Oprah piece was going to be just another tired bit of 'Golden Agism.' But nay; the dude doesn't subscribe. Swipe that, chumps.
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