February 16, 2004

Reality TV

Speaking of academic leftist conspirators, Matthew Yglesias serves up a cynical explanation for the rise of reality TV that involves, surprise, shadyfaced capitalism:

Since reality shows are cheap to make -- no pesky actors or writers to pay -- they're also cheap for networks to buy. [...] Reality shows -- and animated films and shows -- are a kind of union-busting tactic, demonstrating that in the event of a strike the networks and studios could still find content but the actors and writers wouldn't be able to find work.
Little wonder, then, that unions want in on the fun. Of course there's little chance that the actors will ever form unions-- the whole point of these shows is that you really can accost any shiftless shmuck off the street and he'll be readily willing to join up.

Finally, if you simply lack the time to keep up with all the hot reality TV gossip, The Reality TV Weblog is the natural solution.
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