March 23, 2004

Um.... sure, okay

I am so applying for this! How can I resist, they pay 20 bucks a page!

Paper/Thesis/Dissertation Writer

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Date: 2004-03-21, 11:54PM EST

Custom papers website is searching for writers to write term papers, theses, dissertations on the following topics: business, education, literature, psychology, science, etc... Papers will range in length from 6-25 pages.

Must be well-educated(master's degree or higher prefered), able to write technically, able to work independently. This is a homebased job. As long as you have a computer, you can work from anywhere in the world.

Ideal for people who like to research, travel, work from home, or not have a boss over their shoulder.

MUST ATTACH 2 SAMPLES OF WORK with your email response, otherwise will not be considered.
Right, then.
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