April 29, 2004

As opposed to...

Here's John Kerry's actual plan for education. Lame:
First, Kerry will form a New National Education Trust Fund that will guarantee that the Federal government meets its obligation to fully fund education priorities. Our children are too important to be subject to the whims of budget cutters in Washington DC.

Second, Kerry would fight to change the No Child Left Behind law to assure that our schools focus on teaching high standards to all children, and do not become drill and kill test prep institutions. John Kerry has already proposed the most comprehensive higher education plan of any candidate. Today, he is outlining a plan to assure every child has the skills to be ready for college.

Third, Kerry is stating his main priorities in education – from higher teacher pay for higher standards to assuring discipline.
Leaving aside Point Three--Kerry is stating his main priorities...?--this is just more of the same, with bigger checks shipped off to each state. Clearly he hasn't been reading my blog...
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