April 29, 2004

Toddlers for Kerry

In addition to a bold intelligence policy, Kerry should also slap down a plan for universal preschool. Not only is universal preschool great policy, but it's a drastic and tangible reform that can help define Kerry's campaign. And as a bonus, it's a tough plank to crack—is Bush really going to run against toddlers?

Honestly, if Kerry defined himself with a bunch of drastic and tangible proposals on secondary concerns, he'd have a lot more room to maneuver on center stage issues. When he trotted out his fluffy plan for fixing Iraq, everyone could say, "Wow, Kerry doesn't have a plan for anything." But if voters knew that he had weighty proposals for some things, then they could assume that Kerry's a weighty proposal kind of guy, and cut him some slack for a few vague statements.
-- Brad Plumer 7:27 PM || ||