September 28, 2004

That Liberal Media

How very exciting. Your very devoted correspondent gets a mention in The Atlantic Monthly this month. Soon I'll be infiltrating highbrows everywhere! Highbrae? Highbrottum? Oh, just go see.

CRUCIAL UPDATE: Oh, you can't see. 'Tis subscriber-only. Well, here's the offending paragraph—from a piece by Jack Beatty about Bush's health care agenda:
As for the Association Health Plans, they would allow small businesses to pool together across state lines to bargain for lower premiums. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that AHPs would increase premiums for 80 percent of businesses by the same "adverse selection" spiral described above: AHPs could obtain lower rates only by enrolling healthier members. "Meanwhile," Bradford Plumer reports in Mother Jones, "those workers who stay in an AHP will no longer be protected by state regulations, meaning that businesses could craft policies to weed out the less healthy." The result: more uninsured.
"Weed out the less healthy". Fine, fine, so it's not quite the immortal phrasing we were all hoping for. Forgive me, I'm young and attention-grubbing!
-- Brad Plumer 4:29 PM || ||