September 23, 2004

"There are terrible ways to do a good thing"

Matt Miller (by way of James Carville) thinks that that's how John Kerry should respond to the inevitable debate question: "Do you think it was a good idea to take out Saddam Hussein?" I'm not so sure. Bush could pretty easily toss his hands up in the air in response, look exasperated, and quip, "Only John Kerry could call something terrible and good in the same sentence." Alas, there might simply be no smart way for Kerry to answer a loaded question like this.

The only saving grace for Kerry will be if things continue to get so bad in Iraq (see, inter alia, Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani protesting the January elections) that the loaded questions start flying Bush's way. I, for one, suggest: "Mr. President, why should we trust you to handle Iraq when you've fucked it up so completely thus far?" Jim Lehrer can soften the language as he sees fit.
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