October 11, 2004

In Defense of Cheney

Never thought I'd write that headline. Anyways, Atrios rightly notes that it's abominable that Cheney accuses John Kerry of cutting military spending when he presided over exactly the same thing. But-- if James Mann's reporting in Rise of the Vulcans can be believed, after the Cold War ended Cheney more or less needed to propose some modest defense cuts so that the Democratic Congress wouldn't go even further. It wasn't a choice between cutting and not cutting Pentagon spending; it was a choice between cutting a little and cutting a lot. Cheney chose cutting a little, and I imagine he still resents those Democrats (like Kerry) who forced him into that position.

It's still dishonest, but Cheney's heart is, um, in the right place. (Besides, does anyone really believe that Kerry loves snazzy weapons systems more than the Vice-President? Of course not.)
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