October 17, 2004

National priorities

Over the past few weeks The Detroit News has done a great job of sketching out the consequences of our budget priorities over the last four years.

First, the supply side round-up: The Bush tax cuts have benefited the wealthy. The estate tax repeal has benefited the wealthy. Tax cuts to help stockholders increase their earnings have benefited the wealthy. Tax cuts for horse owners (really!) have benefited the wealthy.

So some people have made out quite well. Now, on the other side of the ledger: Federally subsidized child care has been slashed, leaving many families unable to lift themselves out of poverty. Meals on Wheels is no longer rolling. Programs to help low-income families heat their homes have dried up. Public housing programs have dried up. Families, seniors, and disabled people need to wait years to qualify for Section 8 rent assistance. Programs to police public housing have been eliminated, fanning the rise of crime in low-income neighborhoods. A job creation program for low-income seniors is being hacked up. And dwindling financial aid means that students can no longer afford to go to public universities.
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