October 20, 2004

When in Georgia...

So I wrote this little Senate race update for Mother Jones yesterday (not worth reading; it's been done elsewhere and better), and today the Denise Majette campaign called me to have a little word about my assessment of the Isakson-Majette race. Like everyone else in the known universe, I said that the Republican Isakson would crush Majette—it's Georgia, it's Zell Miller's seat, what can you do. Anyways, that didn't seem to be their problem.

Their problem was with me writing that, hey, on the bright side, Isakson's voting record suggests a strong pro-choice agenda, and maybe he won't be such a wingnut after all. But no. The Majette campaign insisted that, quite the contrary, Isakson goes to bed at night cursing abortion doctors by name, and they e-mailed me the fact sheet to prove it. Doesn't that seem, well, odd? Here the Dems are going out of their way to paint their opponent as a pro-life stalwart—something Isakson himself has tried to emphasize—rather than try to let all of Georgia knows that "psst, this guy votes for federally funded abortions!" I guess I don't understand the strategy here at all, especially for a campaign that's, what, 10-15 points down?
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