November 27, 2004

Death Cab for Coalitions

"What do we need more of in Washington?," I asked myself today. "Blind partisanship!," I replied. Well lucky me, a few hours later Dennis Hastert announced that from now on he'll only put forth those House bills that are favored by a majority of Republicans. No more NAFTA-type bills that cross the aisle and reach out to the other party. It's a one-party state from here on out!

The downside, of course, is that this practice limits the range of bills the House can now pass. Working off this list, it seems there are ten main ways to form Congressional coalitions—one can, for instance, get a bunch of education-types (from both parties) together to pass a bill like No Child Left Behind; or maybe get a bunch of Midwesterners (from both parties) together to pass a farm bill. Ruling out these sorts of coalitions, however, rules out the viability of a whole swath of potential bills. But if, like the House GOP, you're not all that interested in making good policy, this isn't a terribly big concern.
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