November 24, 2004

Outrage On Demand

Sure, I'll say it: The rape charges leveled against UN peacekeepers in the Congo are, if true, every bit the outrage that Abu Ghraib was. Investigate all the way to the top! If Kofi Annan or his laywers wrote any sort of, oh, I dunno, "legal opinions" justifying rape in any way shape or form, then string 'em up. And if it turns out that UN peacekeeping methods are conducive to this sort of thing, then let's find new ways of doing peacekeeping. There. That was easy.

Anyways. It seems that, despite the rather disingenuous carping from the right, this Congo story actually does seem to be getting plenty of "play" in the media. But it should be obvious why Abu Ghraib garnered far more attention—there was a greater chance that coverage would actually lead to changes being made, and justice pursued. Well, that and America being held to a higher standard than anyone else. But rightly so.
-- Brad Plumer 2:43 AM || ||