December 03, 2004

A Real Breakthrough

At long, long last I've figured out how to… um… purchase music over this fantastic World Wide Web device. Whole CDs in fact! (He means "pirate".) Ye-e-es, I mean "pirate". Not since my glory days in a small, very wired, college town have I had this sort of capability! So here we go; some albums downloaded over the past few hours:
The Get-Up Kids -- "On a Wire"
The Arcade Fire -- "Funeral"
The Faint -- "Wet From Birth"
The Shins -- "Chutes Too Narrow"
The Fatales -- "Pretty in Pixels" (These fine Interpol-esque blokes actually have a website from which you can download a few mp3s.)
Strange to say, but the definite article figures pretty heavily into all this. Suggestions, of course, are always welcome. One exception: Classical and/or jazz of any stripe (not because I dislike it, far from it, but I'm badly surplussed in this department.)
-- Brad Plumer 3:01 AM || ||