December 04, 2004

Too Civilized

I realize that smirking at Adam Yoshida is so 2003, but merciful heavens, read the latest post, the one that opens with: "Frankly, I sometimes fear that our society is too 'civilized'." It goes on to admonish the world for (I think) not expressing enough moral outrage over a Tom Clancy novel. Yada yada yada, some bits about brown people taking over Europe, yada yada yada. Ooh, then it ends on a creepy note! "I have developed a program for ensuring long-term American dominance." Why, I thought, you little devil. You haven't. But no, he has.

On second thought, don't read his latest post; take a peek at this instead. You read that right: clingfilm. Somehow it all fits.
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