January 25, 2005

Breakaway Blog

Ezra Klein goes eponymous! As if eponymity wasn't already cool enough.

He's already kicking up dust with a post about labor. Suffice to say, I'm going to refrain from telling everyone that they really ought to pay attention to labor, and simply link to this essay from my former employers, about reviving unions. One part struck me -- one of those elitist and naive West Coast liberals who never really talks about unions -- as a bit eye-opening:
we continue to operate, in most of our work, on the assumption that unions are accepted and valued as part of this country's economic and political life -- a partner in a system of industrial relations. We see ourselves as supporters and beneficiaries of the very system that has rejected us. As a result, we interpret each new assault on unions and workers' rights as an isolated problem attributable to bad employers, economic change, and disloyal politicians, instead of viewing each gesture as part of a systematic effort to destroy us. Focusing on individual battles, we are blind to the war raging all around us. So we allow employers to open non-union facilities, out-source and subcontract union work, and viciously oppose our organizing, while establishing "cooperative" relationships with these same employers in the ever-declining unionized segments of their work force. And we act surprised, hurt, and confused when the Dunlop Commission's report describes an economy with worker "representation" but no unions. Yet we refuse to publicly criticize and break with our "friends" who drafted and supported a report that offers ammunition to enemies who want to gut collective bargaining.
Indeed. Anyways, I've strayed from the original point, which was: Ezra Klein has a cool new blog.
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