January 19, 2005

The Case For Teaching Creationism, Part II

In the New York Times today, Susan Jacoby has more on evolution:
Perhaps the most insidious effect of the campaign against evolution has been avoidance of the subject by teachers, who, whatever their convictions, want to forestall trouble with fundamentalist parents. Recent surveys of high school biology teachers have found that avoidance of evolution is common among instructors throughout the nation.
Dear reader, let's think pragmatically for a second, evolutionist to evolutionist. If banning "intelligent design" means that no evolution gets taught at all, maybe it's time to reconsider putting them side by side in school. The next essential step, of course, would be for scientists to launch a very forceful and very public campaign against ID. Biology teachers can let their students know all about the arguments in this debate. They can point out the curious fact that all major scientists think ID is a crock of shit, and the theory's only prominent supporters are a few fringe theologists, fradulent mathematicians, and right-wing radio hosts. I say let's ridicule these fools to death. More later...
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