January 07, 2005

Virtues of Objectivity

The National Review's Kathryn Jean Lopez is great. She believes, apparently, that because reporters have biases, we should just give up on the whole idea of objective reporting and make all journalists "opinion journalists." Hey, that's brilliant! The only problem, I think, is that if our reporters were all as willfully obtuse as the "journalists" at the Corner, our newspapers wouldn't describe anything even remotely resembling the world.

For many things, that might not be a problem, though if everyone started basing their economic outlook on NRO Financial, rather than on the Wall Street Journal or Financial Times, Wall Street would be run into the ground within two, three years tops. The market, I imagine, tends to punish undue Foucauldian discourse-making. (Think of this as Marxism, Donald Luskin-style!) So no thanks. I'll stick with the current model: newspapers and real journalists striving for objectivity and actual digging, while bloggers and others look for errors and pound their chests excitedly when they finally catch something.
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