February 21, 2005

I Heart Internships

Here's a fascinating glimpse into the fascinating world of fascinatingly high-powered internships that translate into money, fame, power, and the all-important payoff known only as "even more money, fame, and power." But alas, the glimpse is for subscribers of the Wall Street Journal only, so you get nothing. Instead, let me pooh-pooh all of this internship talk, and note that during my college career, I spent my off-terms variously as a CVS clerk, a Barnes and Noble clerk, a front-desk clerk at a hotel, a minimum-wage sailing teacher, a math/writing teacher for inner-city high school kids, and a data-monkey at a flood observatory. (Often two of those things in the same off-term. As Professor B says, 80 hour weeks suck.)

In fact, the only thing I ever did even remotely resembling a high-powered internship was working as a full-time fact-checker for the #1 Travel Book in the Country. (Really, check out the acknowledgments page and everything.) And now look at me! Stumbling back home from a Sunday night out, slightly drunk off cheap red wine, and… blogging!



*sobs quietly into handkerchief...*
-- Brad Plumer 4:12 AM || ||