March 19, 2005

Mind the Gender Gap

Not going to get much into the "women and blogging" debate, mainly because I don't read a lot of blogs, so it stands to reason that I don't read a lot of female blogs, and really, I have no fucking clue what's out there on the vast internet. Many days, when I'm pressed for time, I just settle back on the few core blogs I know best, and of those only about three are women (Jeanne D'Arc, nadezhda, and Laura Rozen… though I wish I could get email alerts whenever Elizabeth Anderson writes something new). So it's pitiful. Meanwhile, at work I spend a good deal of time trying to work with MoJo's up-and-coming women writers, and while I probably don't do a great job of it, I think—I hope—this has more to do with me being a stumbling-novice editor than actual sexism, but who knows.

Anyway, that wasn't the point of this post! The point was that thanks to the big discussion about women and blogging last week, I've found a number of cool new blogs to read, most of which are written by women, apart from the ones already on my sidebar there. Yep, yep. So the list...
Helena Cobban
Echidne of the Snakes
Stone Court
Trish Wilson
Utopian Hell
Really interesting stuff on all of them. There's more out there, I'm sure, and feel free to leave suggestions in comments, but the days are too short. I read too slowly. Egad, egad.
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