April 07, 2005


Wow, just wow. So about, let's say, three hours ago, your faithful correspondent got mixed up in a little violence and blood. To recap: I was tromping around in our hallway, trying to explain the difference between necessary and sufficient conditions to my housemate Paloma—'twas for her LSATs, you see—and ended up stepping on her poor little pet rat Noelle. Luckily, I only stepped on her tail. Quite unluckily, I stepped rather hard, the rat tried to yank away, and in the confusion managed to strip off most of her tail's outer skin. It came "ungloved," as the doctor put it, leaving only bone, ligaments, and gore. Puddles of gore. Small rat, small tail, but lots and lots of gore!

Well we rushed Noelle to the nearest 24-hour pet emergency clinic, where they're currently gassing the little dear and then amputating the tail. It'll be anti-biotics and painkillers for the poor thing all next week! Needless to say, my face was a bit blanched and I was feeling queasy—pet blood spattering our hallway and all tends to do that. Anyway, good to know: rat surgery is hideously expensive, and we could've bought fifty new rats for the price of this operation. (Or... a quick chop of the kitchen knife would've cost nothing.) So look, like Tyler Cowen, I'm all in favor of animal welfare, it sounds dapper, but not until Congress demonstrates some courage and reins in pet care premiums.

Also, after leaving the ER I stopped by a friend's house in the Inner Sunset and got to see parts of my first-ever Bollywood movie: Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham. Amazing! Much better times had by all. Maybe others are familiar with the Bollywood phenomenon, but for those who aren't (I wasn't), they're all the rage in India—thousands of youths will cram a cinema for the latest three-hour release, just to see what the latest fashions, the latest beats, the latest dance moves are. Perhaps I even picked up a few of my own. And the lacy shawl, I take it, is the latest craze among young Brahmin men, for those wondering.
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