April 18, 2005

Head Fake

I still don't understand the new Republican strategy on Social Security privatization:
The emerging Bush-Senate Republican strategy is to entice Democrats into the debate by first focusing on shoring up the system and then selling the private accounts as the smartest way to ease the pain of benefit cuts. All of this relies on Grassley's ability -- and willingness -- to push ahead on an issue some Republicans would rather avoid.
No, okay, I understand a strategy in which Republicans pretend to focus solely on solvency issues in order to lure the Democrats 'round the negotiating table, and then, once the Dems take the bait and commit to reform, then springing private accounts on them. Surprise! That makes perfect sense, and it's a tricky, devious, diabolical idea. What I don't understand is publishing this strategy in the Washington Post for all to see.
-- Brad Plumer 12:55 AM || ||