April 17, 2005

Hooray for Minor Scandals

Time advances the Tom DeLay-Jack Abramoff story a little further, and it's all good stuff, though the writers say something a bit odd midway through:
Having seen how a succession of Democratic leaders fell a decade ago, DeLay should know better than anyone how it tends to happen. Again and again, it was not big violations of the law or congressional rules that landed Washington power brokers in trouble as much as smaller lapses in judgment.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but the tone seems to be suggesting, "Yeah, these allegations are kind of bullshit—it's not like he murdered anyone, ha ha ha!—but oh well, that's the way politics goes." Okay, but why shouldn't politics go this way? Ask Abramoff, but I believe the phrase is: "build a wall around the Torah," no? Stomp on the spine of any Congressperson who does even the slightest, itty-bitty thing wrong, and pretty soon you have only squeaky-clean politicians. Yeah, so maybe DeLay's office just "sort of" asked Abramoff to set up his lavish little London trip. Boot him anyway! Zero-tolerance, baby, it's an idea every conservative can get behind. Because if we appease DeLay on this front, who knows what sort of lawlessness he might get up to?

(Hm, this post is just begging for a retort that includes the words "Clinton" and, uh, "minorsexualtransgressions"... Well, fire away.)
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