April 20, 2005

Jeffords, What Might Have Been...

Before we Republicans speak too ill of Jim Jeffords—no, wait, before we Democrats speak too highly of Jim Jeffords—let's all remember the time he saved the Bush presidency from complete and utter failure. The man could've truly torched the White House in 2001 if he so chose, but sadly, he didn't.

Also, reading over the comments in this Daily Kos thread, it's amazing what an unstoppable force Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has become. I don't know nearly enough about Vermont politics, despite having lived right on its border for four years, but it doesn't seem like Vermont itself is so liberal that it's the only state in the union that could possibly support an at-large socialist, one who crosses party lines and wins support from hippies and conservative veterans alike. Surely someone like Sanders could win statewide in New Hampshire or Maine, no?
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