April 27, 2005

Ogogle Goes Public

And one for the annals of "awesome but useless crap." Lately I've become a terrible, nigh-incompetent typist, unable to spell anything, and the only thing that saves me from writing complete jibberish fulltime is Microsoft Word's blessed AutoCorrect function. Sadly, Firefox's URL field doesn't have anything comparable. But Google does! And I don't mean the actual search engine (i.e. "Did you mean: Pitbulls wearing panties" Ah yes, yes I did...). No, I mean that you can type all sorts of appalling variations of "www.google.com" into your browser and still get to where you want to be. Greatest hits include:
All work, and no doubt there are more. But what I'd really like to see them add to the roster are http://www.googl.ecom and http://www.googlec.om, since those are the two that trip me up the most. On the other hand, they're taking away any incentive for me to learn to type better! Though from what I understand of the various theories of phonics out there, learning how to spell correctly is far more important for learning how to read than for writing well. Phew.
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