April 11, 2005

Shorter Plumer

Hm... looking over the posts below, they're all unseasonably long. As it happens, I've been out and about today, without much time to read or write, and when that's the case I sort of forego the editing process and just type out gobs and gobs very quickly. So time for shorter Plumer, a quick recap of various items written today:
3:03 PM - It's all fun and games in Afghanistan 'til someone loses a head.

5:25 PM - We're about to see some serious trade war action over the next few years. The only hope is that, uh, Japan will keep honoring its war criminals.

8:19 PM - Invade Sudan now.

8:34 PM - If businesses knew what was good for them they'd all wage self-destructive lobbying wars against each other. Oh, and Republicans really do have a coherent economic vision, you're just not allowed to see it.

9:00 PM - Students like cheap beer. That's pretty much it. And I'm amazed some people can tie one-handed bowlines behind their back.
Yeah, baby. If I could just maintain that sort of brevity day in, day out, this blog would really start going places!
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