April 06, 2005

Unveiling the Mini-Blog

So for a long time I've had a dilemma. As most readers know, I don't usually do short posts; no block quotes with "heh" or "indeed" or even a more genial "ayup." No explanation for this, really, it's just habit. Nevertheless, I do come across a good number of stories, papers, studies, essays, etc. that are worth reading, linking, and sharing, and maybe even adding a quick add-on sentence or quip.

To that end, I've now added a "mini-blog" over on the right-hand sidebar. Well, I stole the idea from nadezhda and praktike, but that's okay. So you can get a running feed of lots of nifty links and things, updated frequently throughout the day. And, uh, my mini-comments will become less dumb ("Wow, cool essay!") as time goes on and I get into the habit of doing this. Cheers.
-- Brad Plumer 2:36 PM || ||