May 01, 2005

And By "Trenchcoat," I Mean Taepo Dong 2...

So as we all know, the White House made a little boo-boo and North Korea could soon have the ability to vaporize my house here in San Francisco. That sucks. Still, there's no excuse for Andy Card making things worse with mixed-up metaphors:
"We're not surprised by this," Mr. Card said, appearing to play down the military significance of the test. "The North Koreans have tested their missiles before." But as to their motivation, he told CNN, "I think they're looking to kind of be bullies in the world."
Come again? You can say a lot of unkind things about North Korea, but it's obvious they're not anything resembling bullies here. Try: "the kid in a trenchcoat who opens fire on his math class." And by the by, what exactly does the president gain from calling Kim Jong Il a "philistine" and a "hooligan"? I mean, true, I enjoy calling the president an "incompetent dipshit" from time to time—it's fun, and it helps me blow off some steam—but then again, I'm also not expecting him to surrender his nuclear weapons if I tell him to. [EDIT: Oh, haha, I see. Well, less insanity than I thought is always a good thing!]
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