May 16, 2005


So I spent the whole weekend away from the internet, just to prove I wasn't, y'know, a hopeless junkie or anything, and it was all very exciting. But five minutes after firing my creaky laptop back up and clicking around blogland, I'm ready to leave again. Here's Blog-Of-The-Year's "analysis" of the big Newsweek/Koran-flushing fuck-up, from one John Hinderaker: "I really think that calling Newsweek's blunder 'the press's Abu Ghraib' is unfair to the low-lifes who carried out the Abu Ghraib abuses. After all, they didn't even hurt anyone, let alone kill them."


Sorry, I'm sure there's a lot of all-important opinion-mongering to be done about this Newsweek scandal—which is appalling—but honestly, who gives a flying fuck what "Powerline" has to say about accuracy and media responsibility?
-- Brad Plumer 3:17 AM || ||