June 03, 2005

Better Grilling

Egad. I've been doing interviews all day with prospective Mother Jones interns for the summer, and I have to say, it's awful. Not because the people are bad—far from it, they're all highly-qualified and genuinely interesting people. No, it's awful because I'm a terrible interviewer and never really have anything I want to ask. "Tell me about a time you excelled..." Oh no, wait, I don't care. Or if I do, odds are I'll get a scripted answer. Hey, I certainly give scripted answers to job interviews all the time, and they say virtually nothing about me. It's the nature of interviews! Or the worst: "what's your greatest weakness?" What's my what now? So I need to start thinking of some clever questions that either make people feel unduly awkward, or else elicit information I actually need. Suggestions welcome.
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