June 06, 2005

Nazi Children

A few months ago I wondered what my future kids, if I ever had any, could possibly do to shock me, seeing as how I'm perfectly fine with sex, drugs, rock and roll, and all that. My favorite response: "They'll find a way, trust me." Okay, okay, I've finally seen the light on this one. Apparently in Germany, kids who find it difficult to mortify their liberal-minded parents are resorting to a brand new mode of rebellion: neo-Nazism. Oy. At this point, I think the best strategy here is just to pretend to be ultra-conservative. Yeah, it will suck if the son spends weeks and weeks agonizing over whether or not to tell me that he's gay, but at least he's not off lynching Jewish schoolmates and refusing to eat meat. Or whatever it is the neo-Nazis do these days.
-- Brad Plumer 2:44 PM || ||