June 29, 2005

Psychics Everywhere

Hard to believe anyone would take the time to actually 'debunk' the hucksters who give out psychic readings, but this essay's still a fun read. "Apart from all these ploys, the psychic has other things working in his or her favour. For instance, we all have a tendency to remember claims that are correct and forget those that aren't." Devious. Early in my teenage life I called one of those 1-900 telephone psychics with every intention of hanging up rudely before my first three free minutes expired, but my medium on the other end just stalled for time, asking the sort of long, drawn-out questions about information she could have easily Googled nowadays. Come to think of it, phone psychics probably do use Google nowadays. To be fair, though, being a phone psychic is probably much harder than doing it in person.
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