June 06, 2005

Stuff to Read

In the grand tradition of Brad DeLong, here are a few things I'd blog about if time were infinite. But it's not, so instead they'll just have to make for good Monday morning reading:
  • Stephen Glain's overview of sinister goings-on in Jordan.

  • The Atlantic continues its series of oh-so-thrilling war games, this month with North Korea.

  • This is the most satisfying story I read all weekend.

  • Jacob Weisberg rehashes the square peg in a round hole that is our Cuba policy.

  • Surprise: politicians are worthless! Even the bright young lights of the Democratic party. Awesome.

  • "The Perils of Pervasive Legal Instrumentalism." It's more exciting than it sounds, I swear.

  • And certainly not least, Shakespeare's Sis on the links between Bolton and the Downing Street Memo.
  • Finally, since I rarely link to right-wing blogs—mostly because I'm close-minded and petty, see, but partisanship might have a little to do with it too—I have to say, this Donald Luskin post was pretty funny. Also via Luskin, I learn the new SEC chairman is a devoted Ayn Rand acolyte. I'm not sure what this even means, though. Alan Greenspan was supposedly a Rand devotee too, once, but I doubt anyone thinks of him as such nowadays. Save for his still-burning passion for the gold standard. Odd guy, that Greenspan.
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