July 01, 2005

The Master List

From everyone's favorite Little Green Comments section, here's a handy ranking of "America's ENEMIES" (i.e., "They all seem to side against America and anything that looks like a W."):
1) "Borgs" (NOTE: not kin to Bjorn Borg)
2) America's MSM
3) World's Media
4) America's Democrat Party
5) al-Qaida
6) Workers World
7) Terrorists
8) Supporters of Terrorism
9) France
10) Most registered American Democrats
11) North Korea
12) PETA
13) Hillary Clinton
14) United Nations
15) Most Arab countries
16) Most Muslim countries
17) KOS
18) Iraq's Sunni "guerrillas"
19) China
So that would put me at… #10. That seems about right. I've always thought of myself as a much greater threat than North Korea, PETA, and the Sunnis laying down IEDs in Iraq, but not quite as bad as France. And no, I don't understand the bit about Borgs, either. What it does remind me of, however, is the Celestial Emporium of Benevolent Knowledge.
-- Brad Plumer 2:48 AM || ||