August 16, 2005

Blog Has Questions

Okay, here's something I'm experimenting with over at the Mojo blog. Since I get tired of blathering on about topics I don't know a thing about, I may start running a series of daily, or semi-daily Q&As with various experts on various topics in the news. As time permits at work, of course. The first one's up now, with Andrew Arato of the New School, talking Iraq's constitution, and it's pretty interesting, even if it probably needed more pruning (they'll be shorter from now on). He definitely brings up a couple angles I had never really considered before—like the fact that it may be in the best interest of the Sunnis to vote for the new constitution, no matter what it looks like, rather than revert back to the TAL. Anyway, enjoy.
-- Brad Plumer 11:29 PM || ||