August 02, 2005

Fun With Lyrics

Okay, here's a pointless post (I'm finishing up some editing and can't do anything but pointless posts), but I'm listening to "Makin' Love in the Sunshine" by Maxi Geil & Playcolt, and the lyrics crack me up:
This kind of love is like Das Kapital
I often quote it, know who wrote it, never read it all.
This kind of love is like the Red Brigade
What was so scary once is now a little bit quaint.
This kind of love is like the SLA
It took a debutante to make me want to move its way.
This kind of love is like a guillotine
I just lost my head to a cause greater than me.
Fantastic! Feel free to suggest other songs with priceless lyrics. As it happens, I'm not really a lyrics person anyway—can never remember them, don't really hear them; basically, unless it's something deeply embarrassing, I'm fine with it. (I thought the new Funeral for a Friend album was pretty cool until a friend pointed out, rightly, that pretty idiotic things were being verbalized here. Ahem, right, of course. To the dustbin it goes...) At the same time, I can memorize lines from movies, poetry, or even things people say, pretty easily, so I'm not really sure how the brain mechanism here works.
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