September 02, 2005


Come to think of it, I don't know what series of unfortunate googling events led me to this page, but this GQ article by Rob Thomas, the Matchbox Twenty singer that other celebrities absolutely love to hate, is pretty funny:
I'm drinking with some friends at Moomba when I see Leonardo DiCaprio drinking with some of his friends at the end of the bar. And I think, Hey, I'm gonna go over and say hello, tell him how much I liked What's Eating Gilbert Grape, that sort of thing. So I walk over and extend my hand. "Hey, Leo," I say. "I'm Rob Thomas, from Matchbox Twenty…" Then I see the look on his face, the dismissive gaze of nonrecognition, the pinched-lip expression, the complete shutdown. And then I understand: Leo doesn't want to talk to me, and it's probably best for everyone if I just turned and went.
But I don't quite get why everyone hates the guy—or Matchbox Twenty—so much. Yeah, his music sucks, but so does lots of music, and his isn't a particularly flagrant offender in this regard. I guess someone has to be the poster boy for "everything that's wrong with rock music," and apparently it just happened to fall on him. Wrong schlub, wrong time. I wonder who's had the Rob Thomas role in the past.
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