October 23, 2005


I was flipping through a copy of National Geographic Adventure yesterday, and figured, hey, some of this stuff is worth linking to on the ol' blog. The cover feature's about a guy who backpacked along some or all (I forget) of the Great Wall of China. Some good factoids in there: The GWoC took 1800 years to build, you can't actually see it from space, and the reason that the Mongols of old would get so ornery and conquer stuff every now and again was because Mongolia is prey to the occasional freak super-blizzard, called a zud, that would wipe out all their livestock. You'd be ornery too.

The other good story was about how climate change has made it difficult for grizzly bears in ANWR to find food these days, so now they're out for blood... human blood! No, really, they never used to attack people, but now they do. Best part comes at the end when, shortly after being chased by a bear, a once-fuzzy-wuzzy environmentalist vows to go on a shooting spree the next time he sees one. Cool pictures, too.
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