December 01, 2005

Avia Flu

Michael Fumento says that we're all a bunch of Chicken Littles for worrying about avian flu. Well, that's good news if true. Bad news if not. I can't say. Mostly I just wanted to quote this bit of morbid goodness:
True, no retelling of [the 1918 flu epidemic] is without anecdotes of apparently healthy young people simply dropping dead, such as the man who boarded the trolley car feeling fine only to leave in the company of the grim reaper. But even these probably didn't die from a direct attack of the virus, writes [John] Barry. Rather, "victims' lungs were being ripped apart . . . from the attack of the immune system on the virus." That explains in great part why an extraordinary number of young people died – they have stronger immune systems.
The sad thing is, the only "clever" quip I could think of in response was, "We had to destroy the lungs in order to save... &tc." which suggests that it's time to step away from the computer.

UPDATE: Much more in this vein from quixote here.
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