December 07, 2005

War on Christmas

At long last, we're going to have a real, honest-to-goodness war on Christmas. It's about time. I've always been a bit mystified that the biggest holiday in the universe was such a wilting violet as to constantly need saving—first the Grinch had to save Christmas, then Ernest, I think at one point the job got pawned off on Elmo. Come on. But now that there's going to be an actual war, I'm curious to see what cartoon character they'll trot out to play defense? Perhaps the Smurfs, though we all know they're a bunch of anti-yuletide communists.

For my part, I'll be going back home to Japan for the holidays—for the first time in five years—waging war on Christmas overseas. Won't be easy, though; I see they've brought in the "Xmas Gojira" this year:


Try to declare war on that. While we're at it, Adam Cohen's piece on the "Christmas wars" is really quite good.
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