April 27, 2007

Beyond Ressentiment

The other day, Deroy Murdock wrote a hilarious column offering "proof" that Giuliani was no liberal, all because the mayor once pissed off a few environmentalists by dousing New York with pesticides and privatizing the management of Central Park. The idea, I guess, is that it doesn't matter what policies you adopt--as long as some "eco-freak" somewhere hates your guts, you're a bona fide conservative!

Anyway, it sounded plausible at the time, this idea that Republican voters would learn to love Rudy simply because he drove liberals batty. But I guess Giuliani's not so sure that's enough, which explains why he would chuck his support for gay rights over the transom and denounce New Hampshire's new civil unions law. (Which, by the way, was passed by the legislature, so there's no hiding behind complaints about "activist judges" and the like.) What a guy.
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